Cherokee county advertising agency - graphic design, website design, business marketing Cherokee county advertising agency - graphic design, website design, business marketing
Cherokee county advertising agency - graphic design, website design, business marketing Cherokee county advertising agency - graphic design, website design, business marketing Cherokee county advertising agency - graphic design, website design, business marketing

Now Accepting Applications


Each year Inspired 2 Design gifts a website to a non-profit organization. We have done so since 2008. Some of our recipients include: Holiday Market in Jasper, Rooted in Love, Hope Center, Next Step Ministries, and more!  Check out our website design portfolio.

We are currently seeking the next free website recipient! The application is available to download: 2017-gifted-website-application. Please share with organizations you know and support! Deadline is January 31, 2017 and the selected organization will be announced on February 1st.

Inspired 2 Design Makes the Pickens Progress


Ribbon Cutting Scheduled


Inspired 2 Design invites you to attend our Ribbon Cutting
celebrating our new office in Talking Rock
with the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce!

Join us Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 4pm at the Chamber – 500 Stegall Drive, Jasper GA.

Inspired 2 Design offers full-service marketing including graphic design, website design, social media, search optimization, web hosting and printing.

Contact Us for more details or to RSVP.

The I-s Have It! Becoming Boldly Confident in Business

Motivational poster with lettering "Be Bold". On white paper texEver notice that most people can talk about and even argue adamantly for their favorite political candidate, sports team, food, or other topics that may or may not really matter in the greater scheme of things. But when it comes to the really important stuff like what you believe spiritually and being bold enough to share that with others, or when it comes to talking confidently about the real true good that your company can do for another person or another business, well… that’s where boldness is critical.

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Web Design Jasper GA

mapWeb Design Jasper GA

If web design Jasper Ga sounds familiar because your business really needs a new website, you’ve discovered your new business partner! Inspired 2 Design has recently moved up in the world! Up to Pickens county from Cherokee, Ball Ground specifically… where we have been helping business owners with marketing, graphic design and logos, printing, website design, website maintenance and more since 2007.

Inspired 2 Design is a web service provider serving Jasper, Ellijay, as well as our old stomping ground of Canton, Woodstock, Ball Ground, Holly Springs, Alpharetta, and Kennesaw among many other local and even distant cities and towns.

Though we’ve built websites for clients all over the country over the years, Jasper Ga is now our home base but we’re happy to meet you in Ellijay, Canton, Woodstock or Alpharetta for a face-to-face marketing consultation or website design appointment.

Website Design Jaser GA…

While there is no doubt that a website can be built by any company anywhere in the world, we at I2D feel that personal touch, whether it be in person or by phone is effective. That’s not to say that our original and new clients in Florida, South Carolina, New York, California and other places are not receiving top quality marketing and web design. Of course not! Our level of service is top-notch no matter where you live, work or play!

So, if web design jasper, ga or website canton, ga is on your Google search history, and you are looking for a professional website design team with over 30 years experience in marketing, give us a call and set up a consultation – face-to-face marketing help in Jasper, Canton, Woodstock or Alpharetta… or if you’re not local, let’s connect by phone!

10 Things Successful People Never Do Again

Successful managerClinical psychologist and author of Never Go Back: 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again,  Dr. Henry Cloud has discovered certain “awakenings” that people have—in life and in business—that once they have them, they never go back to the old way of doing things, aka “doorways” of learning.  Successful people never again…

1. Return to what hasn’t worked - never do the same thing and expect different results. YOU MUST MEASURE RESULTS OF EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND ON MARKETING

2. Do anything that requires them to be someone they are not – ask yourselves, “Why am I doing this? Am I suited for it? Does it fit me? Can I keep it up?” If the answer is NO to any of these questions, it’s time to get help with the task. HIRE THE PRO: ACCOUNTANT, ATTORNEY, DESIGNER/MARKETER

3. Try to change another person – you cannot force someone into doing something. Give a choice and allow the person to experience consequences. NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR CUSTOMER

4. Believe they can please everyone – it truly is impossible to please everyone,  so purposefully try to please the right people. In other words… TARGET YOUR MARKET

5. Choose short-term comfort over long-term benefit – living out this principle is one of the most fundamental differences between successful and unsuccessful people. PROFESSIONAL MARKETING IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR COMPANY’S FUTURE SUCCESS

6. Trust someone or something that appears flawless – it’s natural for us to be drawn to things and people that appear incredible. We love excellence and should always be looking for it. We should pursue people who are great at what they do, employees who are high performers, dates who are exceptional people, friends who have stellar character, and companies that excel. But when someone or something looks too good to be true, he, she, or it is. YOU’LL BE APPROACHED BY LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO SELL A QUICK FIX FOR MARKETING… CAVEAT EMPTOR

7. Take their eyes off the big picture - no one event is ever the whole story. NO ONE MARKETING PIECE IS THE ANSWER. NO MATTER HOW MUCH WORD OF MOUTH BUSINESS YOU GET NOW… IT WON’T LAST OR GROW YOUR COMPANY

8. Neglect to do due diligence – no matter how good something looks on the outside, it is only by taking a deeper, diligent, and honest look that we will find out what we truly need to know. RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF, ASK QUESTIONS, CALL PAST CUSTOMERS…

9. Fail to ask why they are where they find themselves – successful people always ask themselves, “what part am I playing in this situation?” They do not see themselves only as victims, even when they are. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EXPERIENCE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAVE… CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A FUNCTION OF MARKETING.

10. Forget that their inner life determines their outer success – most people are fulfilled mostly by who they are on the inside. Our internal lives contribute to producing many of our external circumstances. INTEGRITY, OPTIMISM AND DRIVE ARE KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS AND SHOULD BE CLEARLY COMMUNICATED IN YOUR MARKETING.

Everyone makes mistakes…even the most successful people. But, what achievers do better than others is recognize the patterns that are causing those mistakes and never repeat them again. Pain is unavoidable, but repeating the same pain twice, is certainly avoidable. For all of your Marketing Needs, Contact Inspired 2 Design.

Reprinted from a presentation made on May 20, 2015 to the Southeast Cherokee Business Network (SECBN).

Business Card Savvy – GMBWN on May 20th

Inspired 2 Design is honored to be addressing the Georgia Mountains Business Women’s Network at their next meeting. GMBWN

Wednesday May 20th at Madeline’s Café and Bakery in Jasper, Georgia.

Subject: How to use your business card or calling card most effectively!!
Your 10-cent marketing tool may not be worth a dime
- What your business card really says about your business
- How to make the most of business card marketing
- Creative design ideas

Here’s a little preview:

While we all see business card as a necessity, we often fail to see it as a very unique marketing opportunity.

You never have a second chance to make a good first impression, and while we as women spend so much time planning our power outfits, shoes, jewelry, and makeup… We can often overlook the fact that our business card is a key opportunity to really be unforgettable! We’ll conduct a little business card quiz, with a fabulous prize! We’ll discuss the five most important parts of a business card and how a little creativity goes a long way in creating a truly unique card and then, how to ensure you’re using your cards to their full potential. It’s sure to be an enlightening evening!

If you have a local organization who is looking for a speaker, contact Inspired 2 Design at 770-781-3452.


Going Beyond Word of Mouth

I had an opportunity to address a group of about 20 local business owners in Ball Ground this morning and was encouraged by all that I learned from them… Below is a synopsis of my presentation regarding marketing small businesses today… BTW… if you ever get a chance to be a guest speaker at a local group, club or organization, take advantage of it, even if you HATE public speaking. You’ll be surprised how comfortable you will be discussing what you know and love… your expertise!

When I ask small business owners where their customers come from, the answer I hear most often is “word of mouth”. In fact, 85% of small businesses surveyed by Verizon this year said that customers learn about their business through word of mouth. We all love referrals, right!? and why not? Warm leads, bundled up tightly with the endorsements of trusted sources… they have the highest chance of turning into business.
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Six Reasons Your Website May Need a Makeover

Extreme Makeover, 60 Minute Makeover, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, Mission Makeover, Divine Restoration, What Not to Wear.… the list or reality shows that reinvent someone or something goes on! Everyone seemingly is on the remake and remodel bandwagon and, honestly, there’s good reason… tastes, styles, colors, all change. And when it comes to your website, there could be even more reason for a facelift… 

1. Techy Stuff

Website technology is never constant. Faster processors, wider screens, new browsers all provide a better user experience. You have to keep up or sadly, be left behind. Adults in the U.S. have embraced the Internet, and they are expecting more and more from the websites they frequent. Technology changes affect websites created more than 3-4 years ago, so if your site was built before 2010, it’s time for a makeover…
2. Mobility

Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January 2014 – overtaking desktop systems for the first time in history! There’s no turning back! It’s clear that mobile usage will continue to overtake desktop and notebook systems, so making sure your website responsive and optimized to work fast and friendly to smartphones and tablets is now no longer an option, it’s mandatory. Our recent blog post “Why it’s time for a Mobile Site” explains more. No mobility will someday soon = no customers.

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Going Mobile is No Longer Optional for Businesses

Can you believe that a whopping 45 percent of U.S. small businesses still don't have a website?!
,,, let alone a mobile optimized website? If you're guilty of either… better keep reading…
Finally, it's happened…
Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January 2014 – overtaking desktop systems for the first time in history! Why…. well maybe this definition will help… 
Nomophobia: the fear of being out of mobile phone contact – a growing worldwide issue. 

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